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Appracatappra Developer Products

Action Components

Customizable UI and time-saving tools for iOS and Android development with Xamarin and Visual Studio.

Action Data

Provides light weight low-level and powerful high-level access to several common databases and data formats with data binding for iOS, tvOS, watchOS and macOS with Swift and Xcode.

Action Utilities

A free collection of time saving functions and utilities to solve common tasks across a wide range of mobile and desktop apps written in Swift and Xcode.

Why Choose Appracatappra?


Fully Documented API

Hate having to guess what a function does or how to use it? So do we!

That’s why each tool in the Action Suite has a fully documented API, with comments for every element included.

Built with Vectors

Mobile is changing every day with new features, hardware and screen sizes.

That’s why each Action Control’s UI is drawn entirely in vectors allowing them to be totally resolution independent thus ensuring your mobile app looks its best on every platform.

Time-Saving Tools

Action Extensions provide several useful features to solve common problems.

Action Codable and Action Data provide support for several common databases and data formats making them easier than every to work with.

We're Developers Too

Created by developers, for developers.

Our tools were designed to be quickly added to your mobile project with a minimum of code, making it easy to high-quality, professional features and functionality to your mobile app.