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Appracatappra Products


Check out our collection of high-quality, professional apps for productivity, organization and entertainment.

Our apps are available for iPhones, iPads, Apple Watch, Apple TV and Apple Macs.


Looking for a little excitement in your life? We’ve got you covered!

From mobile, desktop & TV apps to physical board games, your next favorite distraction is just around the corner!

Developer Tools

Developing the next great app yourself? We’ve got you covered here too!

Check out our free collection of time saving tools & APIs to solve common tasks across a wide range of mobile and desktop apps written in Swift and Xcode.

Why Choose Appracatappra?


Ad Free

Hate having to deal we an app that’s full of annoying ads? So do we! That’s why each of our apps are 100% ad free… including our free apps. We prefer to charge a minimal free over loading our apps with ads.

No In-App Purchases

Hate installing a “free” app only to discover it’s useless without buying additional features? Us too! That’s why we either charge a minimal fee upfront or give the app away completely free. At Appracatappra “free” means free… no exceptions!

Apps We Love

Hate apps that are obivous low-quality money grabs? Same here! That’s why we only make apps that we, ourselves want to use. As a results, all our apps are designed to be high quality with great User Interfaces. At Appracatappra we make apps with love.

We're Developers Too

Created by developers, for developers.

Our developer tools were designed to be quickly added to an app project with a minimum of code, making it easy to add high-quality, professional features and functionality without recreating the wheel.