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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Previously purchased products aren't showing up in Stuff To Get

    If a Product that you know you’ve purchased before isn’t showing up in a given Store, please ensure that the Category the Product belongs to has been added to the store.

    Optionally, disable the requirement for a Store to contain a Category in Settings.

    Trying to create a new Product of a similar type is resulting in an existing Product in Stuff To Get

    When creating a new Product in a Store’s Shopping List, Stuff To Get will check to see is a similar Product already exists for the given Category and select that Product instead of adding a new one.

    You can either temporarily add the Product under a different Category or disable this feature in Settings.

    I'm having trouble scanning Barcodes in Stuff To Get

    First, ensure that you allowed Stuff To Get to have access to your device’s camera. You can check this in your device’s Settings app.

    Next, when scanning a Barcode, ensure you get the code centered in the device’s screen.

    Why isn't my data syncing between my devices in Stuff To Get?

    First, ensure that you are signed into the same iCloud account on all of your devices and that you devices have a good internet connection.

    Next, it can take up to 5 seconds before a device sees that data has been changed from another device.

    If you are still having trouble, stop and restart the app.

    Siri isn't working for me in Stuff To Get

    First, ensure that you have enabled Siri support for Stuff To Get. You can confirm this and enable support, if needed, under Settings.

    Next, for any store that you want to use Siri support in, tap the Add To Siri button and create a Shortcut.

    The default Shortcut phrase will be, “Hey Siri, Add an Item to Store Name”. However, you can change this to anything you like.

    How to I get Siri to ask what Item I want to add to a Store in Stuff To Get?

    In the Shortcuts app, find the Shortcut you’ve created for the given Store and open it for editing.

    Next, for the Product parameter set it to “Ask Every Time” and save the Shortcut.

    Where can I find the documentation for one of your Developer Tools??

    Prior to Xcode 13 and DocC, all of our Libraries, APIs, SDK and Swift Packages contain the documentation as part of their GitHub Repo.

    Inside of the Swift Package open Documentation > API and double-click the Index.html file to open the docs in your web browser. All documentation was generated by Jazzy.

    When will your Developer Tools support Async/Await?

    Soon. When Apple officially releases Swift 5.5 and Xcode 13, we will be releasing Async/Await versions of all our new Swift Packages… where applicable.

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