Looking for a little excitement in your life? From mobile, desktop & TV apps to physical board games, your next favorite distraction is just around the corner!

Appracatappra makes a range of family friendly games that are designed to be both beautiful and stimulating… for both the mind and soul. Check out our grow list of offerings below.

Board Game

Murdered by Midnight

The game is for 2 to 7 players, with one player acting as the Author that runs the game by controlling the story and the non-player characters using the included Murder Cases Books. The game unfolds by selecting a case (or generating a new one with our free online tools), the details of which are revealed during gameplay allowing the other players to deduce the murderer, murder weapon, motive and time of death thus winning the game.

Board Game

Escape from Mystic Manor

The game is for 2 to 7 players, with one player acting as the Host that controls the Map and Monsters in the Manor. The remaining players attempt to escape the Manor by battling to retrieve the Key from one of the Monsters and make it to the front door before they die!

More to Come

Future Games in the Works

This is only the beginning, because Appracatappra is always looking for the next great adventure and cooking up several fun new experiences for you and your family.

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