Today, I thought I’d give a quick update on what I’ve been working on and show off the new game I’m busy building. It’s a Cyberpunk/Cybernoir thriller that unfolds as an interactive manga/graphic novel called Reed/Wright Cycle.

Set in a future where cybernetic augmentation of the human body is the norm, you play as a fully cybernetic private detective trying to solve a case of corporate espionage.


The game features lush, detailed graphics set in an 80’s style cyberpunk world. When completed, you will have more that twenty unique locations that you can visit, explore and interact with.


The game UI is presented in the style of an 80’s graphic novel/manga where there are three distinct modes of gameplay:

  • Manga Pages – These act as “cutscenes”, provide information and move the game narrative forward.
  • Multi-Choice Dialogs – These allow the player to make “Choose-Your-Own-Adventure” types of decisions and to drive conversations with in-game characters.
  • 3D Exploration – Manga pages that can be navigated in 360 degrees of freedom with interactive hotspots.

Manga Pages

Here’s an example of a Manga Page, these are the opening pages of the game:

Multi-Choice Dialogs

Here’s an example of a Multi-Choice Dialog, working with the computer in your office:

3D Exploration

Here’s an example of 3D Exploration in the game, exploring the crime scene:

Lush Graphics

The game features lushly rendered, highly detailed graphics that are set to match the cinematic style of several of my favorite cyberpunk movies such as Blade Runner, Ghost in the Shell and Netflix’s Altered Carbon.

Most of the imagery was rendered in Daz Studio on an M1 based Mac Studio computer. Daz 3D has been a lifesaver allowing me to purchase high quality 3D content at a veryreasonable rate and kit bash multiple purchases (along with custom 3D models, Materials and Textures) to bring this world alive.

As an indie developer, having access to Daz is like having my own team of graphics artist. A game of this size and scope wouldn’t be possible for me otherwise. You really should check them out!

Coming Q4 2022

If things work out as planned, I hope to release the game in the Fall/Winter of 2022 on the Apple App Store for iPad only. The iPad really presents the best viewing experience, hence my currently limiting the game to it only. If there is enough interest, I’ll look into porting the game to other devices as well.

Stay tuned for more future details and possible public betas. I’d love to get you feedback, so hit me up @KevinAtAppra on Twitter.