Yeah, I know… we wrote a Shopping List app. And yes, I know it sounds crazy just typing that sentence. So what were we thinking building Stuff To Get? It’s simple really. In the 10 years that I’ve owned an iPhone, the one app that has been with me the whole time is a Shopping List manager app called Grocery IQ.

For the most part Grocery IQ was a great app, it was easy to use and again, mostly did everything I wanted. So why did we write our own Shopping List manager then?

There are several reasons:

  • First, and foremost, Grocery IQ left the Apple platform several years ago. I’ve been limping it along as a digital relic for way too long now. It’s design is super dated and it can’t even use the full screen on a modern iPhone.
  • Next, several things in Grocery IQ weren’t very easy to do or were overly complicated, such as setting up quantities and units of measure. You also couldn’t see what you already had in your list when adding items to it.
  • Grocery IQ had also become filled with lots and lots of very off brands, making it hard to find the items I wanted to add to my list. Also, Grocery IQ was limited to just grocery shopping list. I needed lists for other types of stores too.
  • Grocery IQ was also limited to just the iPhone, so I couldn’t maintain from my iPad or Mac.

I could go on and on but the reality is, I could see Grocery IQ‘s days were numbered and none of the other app’s in the store did what I wanted.

So enter Stuff To Get! It was built to run across all of Apple’s OS platforms, except tvOS (and we did really contemplate running it there too) and is connected to iCloud so all of your data lives there and is synced across all of your devices… no other service to buy, no monthly fees.

For the princely sum of $1 US, Stuff To Get provides:

  • A modern, clean, easy-to-use User Interface designed to look and feel wonderful on any device you run it on: iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch or Mac desktop.
  • Barcode Scanning for quickly adding items to a list or saving digital copies of your store Loyalty Cards.
  • Support for Siri. Driving in the car and remember you need to buy milk? Simply ask Siri to add it to your list!
  • Product Bundles allow your to group items you always buy together and add them to any list with one tap.
  • Widgets & Watch Complications to stay up-to-date on the state of your shopping.
  • Share Shopping Lists via Messages or Print any list to paper.
  • Product Categories so milk doesn’t show up at the Hardware Store or lumber while grocery shopping. Additionally, items are grouped by Category in your lists.
  • Favorites and History allow you to quickly add items you’ve purchased before to any list.

There are a whole lot of other features too. If you want to find out more, check out our Product Page. Or drop on the Apple App Store and buy you own copy.