Since Media Marquee is powered by The Movie Database*, you’ll be joining a thriving community of people passionate about movies and TV shows. Rate movies, shows, seasons and episodes. Vote in user polls and see the results from other users. Play movie, television and celebrity trivia.

User Polls

Answer polls and see the results for features of Media Marquee or entertainment related polls:

Select a poll to give your answer, see your previous answer and see the overall results:


Additional Features

Additionally, Media Marquee includes the following features:



Media Marquee provides Movie, Show and Celebrity trivia to test your knowledge:

Select a question to give your answer:

Choose an answer and you’ll be scored:

Ratings and Reviews

Media Marquee is powered by The Movie Database* the Rating and Reviews bar allows you to see how popular a given movie or show is, its average vote and any reviews that TMDb members have written:

Long reviews are marked by a small arrow in the lower right hand corner:

Tap the review to read its full content:


Pop Factors

Because Media Marquee was designed to work with the Apple TV and the Siri Remote entering a normal text-based review wouldn’t be a great experience. That’s where the Pop Factor comes in:

The review exprience is broken down into a number of “factors” that are easy to enter using the Siri Remote:

Results are calculated from these factors and displayed on the movie or shows pages. Additionally, a score is generated and sent to The Movie Database* to be added to their ratings.

You also have the option of rating movies or shows that haven’t been released. This allows Media Marquee to track excitement in uncoming content:

This will be displayed with a different set of Pop Factors:

* – Media Marquee is powered by the TMDb API but is not endorsed or certified by TMDb.

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