In celebration of Spring, Appracatappra is offering our Action Component Suite for developing high-quality Android and iOS apps in C# with Xamarin and Visual Studio at the discounted price of $199. That’s $100 off the normal list price of $299 through the end of May, 2018!

This includes our new additions of:

  • Action Tiles – Action Tiles provides a highly customizable, cross-platform tile collection manager for both iOS and Android that allows you to organize several different types, sizes and styles of tiles into collections of groups that the user can scroll through and tap to interact with. Action Tiles support multiple built-in animations and near limitless styling options.
  • Action Slider – Action Slider is a custom slider control designed to operate like the brightness and contrast sliders built into the iPhone Control Center. Action Slider contains properties to customize its appearance including the border, body and fill colors. Additionally, an optional icon can be displayed at the bottom of the control.
  • Action Color Picker – Action Color Picker provides a highly customizable, cross-platform graphical color selection system for iOS and Android. With Action Color Picker you can present the user with the currently selected color, allow them to select the desired hue, then change the saturation and brightness of that hue, all with a minimum of code.

And our existing, updated components:

  • Action Alert – Action Alert is a highly customizable, cross-platform alert and notification system for iOS and Android that makes it easy include images, activity indicators, progress bars, and interactive buttons to a notification, while providing for a maximum of code reuse across platforms.
  • Action Tray – Action Tray is a dockable, customizable, slide-out, tray view controller for iOS and Android that can be attached to the top, left, bottom or right sides of the screen. You can place individual Action Trays along any edge of the screen or place several Action Trays together and attach them to an ActionTrayManager to control them as a group and use them like palettes or menus.
  • Action Nav Bar – Action Nav Bar is a left-side, icon based, customizable navigation strip and view controller for tablet based iOS and Android devices that supports several different types of user definable buttons that can be added to the Top, Middle or Bottom regions. Action Nav Bar automatically handles the spacing and placement of buttons within the regions and responds to orientation change events with smoothly animated transitions.
  • Action Toast – Action Toast is simple, quick, single line popup notification system for iOS in the style of Toast for Android. Action Toast implements the same calling structure and styles as Toast for Android to assist in cross platform development.
  • Action Table – Action Table is a custom Table View Controller for iOS and custom ListView for Android that supports a range of features that allow you to create complex Table/List Views quickly, all with a minimum of code. By implementing the RequestData event on the Action Table’s dataSource property you can quickly populate any Action Table without having to create custom classes.
  • Action Download Manager – Action Download Manager handles the downloading of one or more files from the internet using either HTTP or FTP protocols. All downloads take place in a background thread so your mobile app’s interface remains responsive. Action Download Manager provides several events for both the overall batch and for individual files that can be responded.
  • Action View – Action View is a collection of custom view controls and helper methods for iOS and Android that take the grunt work out of common user interface tasks. Create stunning experiences with easy by using Action Views directly or use them as the basis of your own custom controls.

Empower your mobile development today with Action Components

Purchase a year’s license of Action Components for iOS and Android development with Xamarin and Visual Studio for $199 per developer seat. Multi-seat discounts are available upon request, please contact Sales for more details. Buy Now before time runs out!