Today we are happy to announce that our Action Data suite for iOS, tvOS and macOS development in Swift and Xcode has been released. Action Data provides light weight low-level and powerful high-level access to several common databases and data formats for iOS, tvOS, watchOS and macOS with Swift and Xcode.

What’s Included

This bundle includes both the Action Data Trial framework and the required, free Action Utilities framework that must also be installed in any app using Action Data.

License Subscription

The Action Data Suite is sold on an introductory yearly license of $99 per developer seat. Each developer at your company will be required to purchase their own individual license. A single developer can install their copy of the Action Data suite on as many machines that they own, for example their desktop and laptop computers. Multi-seat discounts are available upon request, please contact Sales for more details. During your subscription period, you’ll recieve any updates or bug fixes, free of charge. Additionally, you’ll recieve any new UI controls or time-saving features added to the Action Data suite, again, free of charge, while your subscription is valid.

You are free to use our controls on as many mobile apps as you like. We do not place any restrictions on how many times you can download or use the components, nor do we limit the number of devices that you can install our components on. Additionally, you are free to use our controls in any app project, even those for your customers, if you develop apps for other companies, without royalties.

When you purchase a license to use Action Data, the suite is yours to keep forever and you can use them in as many projects as you like, royalty free. Your components will not stop working or display the “Toast” popup message again if you do not renew your license when the subscription runs out and you will still be able to include them in new projects. However, you will no longer receive any new bug fixes, updates or feature enhancements so an update to iOS, tvOS, macOS, Swift or Xcode could potentially break compatibilty with your component version.