We have received the required approvals and the Appracatappra Online Store is now fully open and ready for business.

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First, thank you for your interest in buying one (or more) of our components, frameworks or libraries. We really mean it when we say our tools are created by developers, for developers. We strive to make great quality, high flexible, tools with great documentation and sample apps, all at reasonable prices affordable to small companies and independent developers.

Now to the main question, why can’t you purchase any of our tools right now? Unfortunately, do to situations beyond our control, we are being forced to switch to new storefront system and payment processor and we don’t have the authorization to process online payments yet. We are expecting approval within the next couple of weeks and you should be able to purchase a full developer’s license that will remove the “toast” style watermarks then.

However, there is always a silver lining to every cloud, and as a result of the switch, we are going to have a better store with a better purchasing experience for our customers. While we are truly sorry for any inconvenience this issue causes, we hope you’ll find it worth the wait.

If you want to stay informed on when our store comes fully online, the best way it to sign up for one of our product updates or news letters. We hate inbox spam as much as anyone, so we place a tight limit on the number of emails we send out. Additionally, our product updates are limited to just the lates product version releases, bug fixes and critical issues (if any are found). We will never use a product update to try and sell you new product.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us. You can also use this same form to request a multi-seat discount for any of our components, frameworks or libraries. If you have any support questions, please user our support form or ask the question on our forums.

I’d also like to take this time to answer another question that keeps coming up. If you purchase a license for any of our components, frameworks or libraries and you don’t renew it after a year, the “toast” style popup will not reappear. From our online FAQ:

“When you purchase a license to use any of our tools, they are yours to keep forever and you can use them in as many projects as you like, royalty free. Your components will not stop working when your license expires and you will still be able to include them in new projects.


However, you will no longer receive any new bug fixes, updates or feature enhancements so an update to iOS, Android, Xamarin or Visual Studio (or Swift and Xcode for our native tools) could potentially break compatibilty with your component version.”

We hope you enjoy our suite of developer tools and that they become a valued part of your development cycle.


Kevin Mullins
CEO/Chief Developer
Appracatappra, LLC.