About ActionPack

In today’s world of ever expanding mobile devices, developers face a challenge when creating high quality, engaging and unique user experiences that not only look great but also work great across the multitude of phones, tablets, and even different operating systems.

That’s where Appracatappra comes in. Our ActionPack suite is an expanding collection of professional, highly customizable components that provide a solid foundation to develop rich, visually interesting, yet high performance cross-platform mobile applications quickly.

With ActionPack, we do all the heavy lifting for you, allowing you to spend more time focused on making your mobile app great and less on the details of implementation.


ActionPack in Action

Want to see what our new ActionPack suite of Xamarin Studio components can do?

Check out the ActionPack running on an iPad:

Or the same code running on an iPhone:


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UPDATE: ActionPack has become the Action Component Suite for the Xamarin platform and Visual Studio.