downloadmanager-128About DownloadManager

DownloadManager handles the downloading of one or more files from the internet using either HTTP or FTP protocols. All downloads take place in a background thread so your applications interface remains responsive.

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Available Events

DownloadManager provides several events for both the overall batch and for individual files that can be responded to such as:

  • DownloadError
  • DownloadCanceled
  • DowloadFileStarted
  • DownloadFileCompleted
  • FileDownloadProgressPercent
  • OverallDownloadProgressPercent
  • AllDownloadsCompleted


iOS Example

using Appracatappra.Web.DownloadManager;

private DownloadManager _downloadManager;

public override void ViewDidLoad ()
	//Initialize the manager
	_dowloadManager=new DownloadManager();
	//Wireup completion handler
	_downloadManager.AllDownloadsCompleted+= delegate() {
		//Update GUI on main thread
		using(var pool = new NSAutoreleasePool()){
				//Display Alert Dialog Box
				using(var alert = new UIAlertView("DownloadManager", "All files have been downloaded", null, "OK", null))
	//Specify the directory to download the file to
	string directory=Environment.GetFolderPath(Environment.SpecialFolder.Personal);
	//Queue up a file to download: Source URL, Directory to download to and optionally renaming the file

	//Start the download process