It’s been a very sad day for me learning of the passing of Steve Jobs yesterday. Though I never knew the man personally, the products that he has created greatly touched and influenced my life over the years. If it hadn’t have been for Apple and it’s insanely great machines, I doubt I would have had the amazing career that I’ve been so blessed to have in the tech industry.

I remember being a senior in high school in 1983 watching a short clip on PBS about two new machines Apple was getting ready to release: the Lisa and the Macintosh. Though the segment was only 5 minutes long I was fascinated and glued to the screen. I said to myself that I’d seen the future of computing… little did I know at the time just how true that statement would be.

It was many years later that I was able to afford my first Mac, a shiny new Mac Plus that I loved to pieces. I wish I still had that machine to this day. Myself and the other founding partner in Appracatappra often joke that between us, we could start an Apple museum. We each own multiple versions of Apple laptops, desktops, iMacs, iPhones, iPods, and iPads. In fact, I sit here writing this on an Apple Macbook Air I recently acquired.

Having lost my Father to cancer 5 years ago my heart goes out to his family, friends and coworkers. Say what you will about the man and the company that he has founded, but the world lost a true visionary yesterday. And he will be greatly missed.



Kevin Mullins
Founding Partner, CEO and Chief Developer
Appracatappra, LLC.