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MiBaby is an exciting new application for the iPhone and iPod Touch that makes keeping track of friends and family’s guess about an expected baby both fun and easy.

Having twins, triplets, quadruplets? Or maybe you have friends who are pregnant at the same time? No worries! MiBaby can easily track guesses for an unlimited number of babies.

Have lots of friends or family members who want to play? Still no problem,MiBaby can handle an unlimited number of players. Everybody’s welcome to play!



  • Track guesses fo an unlimited number of babies and players
  • Store name, mother’s name, father’s name, due date and/or expected sex for each baby
  • Optionally play the following guessing games for each baby: Birth Date, Birth Time, Birth Weight, Birth Sex, and/or Time in Labor
  • Stores the name, phone number, email address and/or notes for each player along with their guesses for each baby in the game
  • Use “Kristal Ball” feature to randomly guess values for a given player and baby
  • Enter actual birth information when the baby is born to automatically generate a list of winners
  • Generates a list of winners for each game for every baby
  • Generates a list of overall winners for all games for a given baby
  • Email results to all players
  • Integrated quick help system

Easy Entry

Gone are the days of hand written list or notes on scraps of paper or napkins. MiBaby makes it quick and simple to setup a baby, select the games to play and get started entering guesses.

With MiBaby you can quickly enter guesses for any or all babies for any player.

Krystal Ball

Have a friend that wants to play but doesn’t want to guess for themselves?MiBaby makes it easy! Simply use the Kristal Ball feature to quickly and intelligently guess the Birth Date, Birth Time, Birth Weight, Birth Sex, and/or Time In Labor for the selected player and baby.

MiBaby is so fun you’ll want to have another baby just to play again!

Videos coming soon

MiBaby is designed to run on Apple’s iPhone 3G™/iPhone 3GS™/iPhone 4™ and iPod Touch™ (second generation and greater) running iOS 4.0 and greater.

Emailing of final results requires either an iPhone™ with an active 3G or Wi-Fi connection or an iPod Touch™ with an active Wi-Fi connection. An email account must also be active and configured on the device.

iPhone™, iPod Touch™, iPad™ and iOS™ are trade marks of Apple Inc. Apple Inc. is in no way related to or endorses Appracatappra, LLC. or our products or services.

Supported Games

MiBaby supports five optional games that you can select from to play for each baby:

  • Birth Day – The day and month that the baby will be born
  • Birth Time – The time of day or night that the baby will be born
  • Birth Weight – The weight of the baby in pounds and ounces when born
  • Birth Sex – Will the baby be a little boy or girl?
  • Time in Labor – How long was the mother in labor before the baby was born

For example: let’s say that the mother had already found out that she’s having a little boy. Since the baby’s sex is already known, she can turn that game off for her baby and the player’s will not be asked to guess the baby’s sex.

Results Made Simple

When the baby is born, MiBaby makes finding the winners a snap! Simply enter the actual birth date, birth time, birth weight, the baby’s sex and/or time in labor and MiBaby will generate the list of winners for each game as well as an overall winner.

MiBaby generates a score for each player in each game. The closer a player is to the actual value for a given game, the higher their score. The overall winner is the player with the highest score in all games played.

Using MiBaby you can quickly email the results to all of the players.

NOTICE: Appracatappra, LLC. does not condone or endorse using MiBaby for gambling. This application is for entertainment only.

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