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Test your Star Fighter instincts for “fight AND flight” against enemy flyers and automated drones in this arcade-style battle arena. Defeat your enemy by destroying all of their back-up fuel cells, or by breaking down their shields and destroying the enemy ship itself. Use an arsenal of weapons and strategies that include missile and shell fire, destroying the automated drones or using them to your advantage against the enemy, reloading from your ammunition depot or repairing your shields at your repair station when strategically necessary, and more!

Choose to play solo against an automated enemy flyer, head to head against another player, or over the network against unknown enemies. Play through all eight groups of four levels each for achievements, leader boards, bragging rights, or for the old arcade experience and just plain fun.



  • Easy to master touch based controls
  • Built-in Training Field help system
  • 32 levels of ever increasing difficulty for extended play
  • Unique Head-To-Head game play on either a single device or network based via Game Center
  • Game Center Leader Board and Achievements


Playing IronStar

Level 1

Level 2

Level 3

Level 4

Level 5

Level 6

Level 7

Level 8

IronStar Arena is designed to run on Apple’s iPhone 3G™/iPhone 3GS™/iPhone 4™, iPad 1™/iPad 2™ or iPod Touch™ (second generation and greater) running iOS 4.0 and greater.

Posting of Game Center Leader Boards and/or Achievements requires an iPad™ with an active 3G or Wi-Fi connection. A Game Center account must also be active and configured on the device.

iPhone™, iPod Touch™, iPad™ and iOS™ are trade marks of Apple Inc. Apple Inc. is in no way related to or endorses Appracatappra, LLC. or our products or services.


GROUP 1 Levels 1 – 4 Destroy opponent’s fuel cells with missiles or shells. Fuel cell point value increases with levels while requiring more firepower to destroy.

GROUP 2 Levels 5 – 8 Avoid moving sections of center wall. Moving walls block shell and missile fire and increase in length with each level.

GROUP 3 Levels 9 – 12 Shoot the explosive smart drones to push them into opponents base. These drones have a 3-cell blast radius. Number of drones increases with each level.

GROUP 4 Levels 13 – 16 Avoid Predator Drones. Shooting a predator drone turns the explosive drone back on your base.These drones have a 3-cell blast radius. Number of drones increases with each level.

GROUP 5 Levels 17 – 20 Cripple your opponents ability to fight back by taking out their ammunition depot and repair station. Difficulty increases with levels.

GROUP 6 Levels 21 – 24 Avoid or destroy automated drone gunships. Number of drones increases with levels.

GROUP 7 Levels 25 – 28 These drones shift modes from hunters that steal fuel cells for the opponent to seekers that destroy fuel cells. Fire on hunter drones to prevent loss or to return the fuel cell to your base. Fire on seeker drones to prevent the destruction of your fuel cells. Number of drones increases with levels.

GROUP 8 Levels 29 – 32 All-levels mode! Obstacles and drones from all levels are in play in this final all-out match-up!Number of each obstacle and drone increases with levels.

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