About IronStar Arena

Here is a quick teaser video for our upcoming iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch arcade game, IronStar Arena. IronStar features unique head-to-head game play with three modes of operation:

  • Solo – Play again a computer controlled opponent
  • Head-to-Head – Play again another person on the same iOS device
  • Network – Play again another person on the internet via Game Center

IronStar offers 32 levels of play in increasing difficulty for maximum replayability.

About the video

The video above is a quick taste of the first level in solo mode. The objective is to take out all of the other player’s fuel cells or destroy their ship to advance to the next level. If a player’s shields are running low they can go to the Repair Center and recharge or if they are running low on ammo they can run to their Ammo Depot and reload. During a repair or reload their ship is fully shielded and cannot be shot however they are unable to move until the process is complete.

Coming Soon!

Look for IronStar Arena to be released for all iOS devices in the next few weeks. Please check back here for more information about this and our other upcoming app. Appracatappra is always interesting in your input so feel free to drop us a line and let us know what you think!