Greetings Everybody and Happy Early Turkey Day!

What an exciting time for all of us here at Appracatappra! Not only are we entering the holiday season where we get to spend time with all of our dear family and friends but our latest application for Apple’s iPad has just been accepted for sale in the iTunes App Store.

About Hexo

Purchase Hexo on the iTunes App StoreThe idea behind Hexo started almost a year ago, “What would a crossword game look like played on a hexagonal board?” From this simple idea was born a few hand made, paper hex crosswords which we played with family and friends… needless to say, they turned out to be a big hit. You could say the seed was planted at this time.

Fast forward to three months ago, we had just released our first iOS application MiBaby and were looking for our next big challenge. A few really get app concepts were being batted around (some of which you’ll see in the upcoming months, hint hint) when the idea of the hexagonal crossword came back to the surface. The time was right and we decided it was a winner.

Many wire frames, paper models, ideas, revisions and late nights designing beautiful graphics and source code later Hexo was born. We are really proud to present Hexo and think you will find it both unique and challenging fun filled game suite that can provide hours of entertainment.

There is something for everyone in this four game suite!  A magic mix of wordplay, cards and dice… Hexo – is the Board Game Redefined!

Discover Hexo

We hope that you enjoy Hexo as much as we have enjoyed making it.


Your Friends at Appracatappra, LLC.