Detective Case Log

Typically a player will use the included Detective Case Log cards and Dry Erase Markers to record game events while playing Murdered by Midnight. For players who have access to a mobile device, they can use the online form below to track their progress in the game.

Person Status Motive Seen At
Murder Location
Found On
S01 Asher Brice
S02 Jean-Claude Delacroix
S03 Blair MacFarlane
S04 Myrna Mulligan
S05 Helga Sommer
S06 Treasa McRae
S07 Maurine Driscoll
S08 Bedelia Durnin
S09 Lili Joubert
S10 Kenneth McNab
F01 Evan Blackthorne
F02 Cherice Blackthorne
F03 Newt Blackthorne
F04 Lynda Blackthorne
F05 Zane Blackthorne
F06 Daphne Blackthorne
F07 Rafaela Basurto
F08 Hermina Basurto
G01 Garnet Lynton
G02 Marjorie Lynton
G03 Barclay Anderson
G04 Cissy Thurstan
G05 April Fuller
G06 Travers Woodward
G07 Marian Woodward

Weapon Status Location
Butcher Knife
Letter Opener
Hunting Riffle
Extension Cord
Leather Belt
Heavy Necklace
Drain Cleaner
Rat Poison
Silver Polish
Golf Club
Baseball Bat