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The great little company with the big heart

There is a lot to be gained from the professional experiences of operating in a big city like Houston, Texas. Equally, there is as much to be said about living in the family and community that is the Texas Gulf Coast.

Located just two miles from the Johnson Space Center, Appracatappra has the best of both worlds. We believe in the idea of technology bringing people closer together in order to build families and giving back to our community. As such, we try to always craft our apps with an eye towards this principle. We like to think Appracatappra is the great little company with the big heart.

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We Got Started Because We Want to Make Fun Apps that Improve People’s Lives

The founding members of Appracatappra have over 29 years each in their prospective fields of programming, systems design, art, photography, graphic design, printing, and packaging.

Because of our basis in the graphics and design world, and our long history of using and developing for the Mac, iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch & Apple TV, we have a genuine love of the Apple experience. We hope you do too.


Meet The Team

Kevin Mullins

Co-Founder, Chief Developer & CEO

Kevin has over 29 years experience of working in the Software Development Industry in and around the Houston, TX area. Additionally, he has worked for several startup companies, such as Xamarin, and Fortune 500/100 corporations such as Smith International, Schlumberger and Microsoft.

Doug Morris

Co-Founder, Graphic Artist & Designer

Doug has a strong background in the packaging and printing industries having been a owning partner in Drake Container. Doug has a degree in Graphic Arts & Design from Ball State University, giving him a strong eye for product design and placement.

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