Thank you for your interest in our free Action Utilities suite of time-saving functions and utilities for iOS, tvOS, watchOS and macOS development in Swift and Xcode. We hope you enjoy using our components and that they become a valuable part of your developer environment. Please ready the following document carefully before completing your download.




Because the Swift language has not reach ABI stability yet, you’ll need to be using the following to successfully add Action Utilities to your app projects:

  • Swift 4.1
  • Xcode 9.3

What’s Included

Always 100% Free

Because of the basic nature of the functions and utilities provided by Actions Utilities, Appracatappra is offering them 100% free to use in any app project of your choosing. Additionally, we intent to keep expanding Action Utilities with new features which will also be provided free of charge.

Getting Started

Please see the GettingStarted.pdf file that comes with your download for the complete details of including the component in your Xamarin app projects. The Action Utilities Developer Center was designed to help you get the most out of our developer tools by providing a selection of Articles, Guides, Samples App Projects, Quick Start References and full API Documentation for each component in the suite.

Open Sourced

Because of the nature of the Action Utilities suite, we have decided to open source it. The source code is available on GitHub under the MIT License and is available 100% free for any app you choose to use it in. Use the link below to download a pre-compiled version.

Why We Require An Email

We require an email to download our product trials and free product versions to limit fraud, we will never use this email to SPAM your inbox or try to sell you new products or services. By providing an email, a customer account will be created for you that you can use to post questions on our Forum or access your download history. The details of this account will be emailed to you at the time of download.

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