Action Toast

For iOS development with Xamarin and Visual Studio

Available exclusively as part of the Action Components suite.

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About Action Toast

Action Toast is simple, quick, single line popup notification system for iOS in the style of Toastfor Android. Action Toast implements the same calling structure and styles as Toast for Android to assist in cross platform development.

Easy Implementation

Need to quickly catch a user’s attention with a single line notification? Action Toast makes it easy. Either create an object of type ACToast and fill out it’s properties or use the static MakeText method of the Action Toast class to create a popup. Next call the Showmethod to display it, just like in Xamarin.Android.

Multiple Locations

Action Toast can be set to display in multiple locations by setting the gravity property:

  • Top
  • Center
  • Bottom
  • Custom – A user defined location

All locations take the device’s screen rotation into account so they always display correctly.

Multiple Display Lengths

Action Toast can be set to display for a given amount of time by either providing the number of seconds to display or by using a ACToastLength as:

  • Forever – the message will display until the user taps it or it is closed programmatically.
  • Short – display for one second.
  • Medium – display for two seconds.
  • Long – display for five seconds.


Action Toast includes a fully documented API with comments for every feature. Action Toastis available exclusively as part of the Action Component Suite by Appracatappra, LLC.

iOS Example

Here is an example of quickly displaying an Action Toast message:

using ActionComponents;

// Display message to user
ACToast.MakeText("My message", ACToastLength.Long).Show ();

Additionally, you can use one of the ShowText shortcut methods:

using ActionComponents;

// Display message to user
ACToast.ShowText("Message at Center.", ACToastGravity.Center);

Trial Version

The Trial version of Action Toast is fully functional however the background is watermarked. The fully licensed version removes this watermark.