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Media Marquee

Media Marquee is available for free on the App Store for Apple TV.

Discover Media Marquee

Media Marquee is your ultimate guide to everything movies, TV shows and the people who create and star in them. Find the next great hit or rediscover a forgotten favorite.

Use powerful browse and discovery features to locate movies, shows or people of interest. Get updates on movies that are currently in the theater or movies and shows soon to be released.

Key Features

  • Search Filters
  • Saved Searches
  • Current and Upcoming Episode Notifications
  • Streaming Service Change Guides
  • Watch Trailers, Previews and Featurettes
  • View Artwork and Episode Stills
  • Movie, Show, Season and Episode Ratings and Reviews
  • Movie, TV and Celebrity News Headlines
  • Track Movies, Shows, Studios, Networks and People
  • Movie, Television and Celebrity Trivia.

Action Components

Purchase a year’s license of Action Components for iOS and Android development with Xamarin and Visual Studio for $199 per developer seat. Multi-seat discounts are available upon request, please contact Sales for more details.

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Discover Action Components

Our growing suite of high quality, cross platform Action Components for Xamarin and Visual Studio we do all the heavy lifting for you and allow you to focus on making your mobile app great. Our components are designed to allow for the maximum of code sharing between Android and iOS mobile apps, all while rendering in the native theme of the OS they are hosted in.

Action Data

For Swift and Xcode

Action Data has been released as open source and is available, free of charge on GitHub.

Open Source

Discover Action Data

Action Data is a suite of backend controls designed to quickly and easily add support for several common databases and data formats (such as SQLite, JSON, XML and CloudKit) to your iOS, tvOS or macOS apps.

Action Data provides both light weight, low-level access to the data sources along with high level Object Relationship Management (ORM) support (using Swift 4’s new Codable, Encodable and Decodable protocols.

Action Utilities

For Swift and Xcode

Action Utilities has been released as open source and is available, free of charge on GitHub.

Open Source

Discover Action Utilities

Action Utilities provide several useful functions that are common across many apps written in Swift and Xcode. These include features such as getting the version of the OS installed on the device the app is running on, testing to see if an app can connect to the internet and getting the device type (for example iPhoneX).

Additionally, many built-in types (such as UIColor, String and Data) have been extended with useful features such as converting a color to and from a hex string and moving images easily between Data and String types to support Swift 4’s Codable protocol.

Action Utilities are support on iOS, tvOS, watchOS and macOS and are free to use in all of your app projects.

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