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Welcome to the Component Requests Forum
« on: March 01, 2013, 09:25:51 AM »
So you've got a great idea for a new Xamarin Component or something that you are looking for to complete your next project? Let us know... we'd love to hear about it!

If we get enough requests or you present a great idea we can make it real for you... and the best part, you'll get a license for the component for free* if it makes it to the into the Xamarin Component store!

So what are you waiting for? Make your suggestions and requests today!


Your friends at Appra

* - Some limitations may apply. The free license is only for the first year of support for the component, subsequent years will require a full license be purchased at the full price Appracatappra withholds the rights to any component created from your requests and we withhold the right to decline to create a requested component.