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Learn how to get the most out of our Developer Tools

Hate having to guess what a function does or how to use it? So do we!

That’s why each Appracatappra Developer Tool has a fully documented API, with instructions for every element included. Created by developers, for developers. Our tools were designed to be quickly added to your app project with a minimum of code, making it easy to high-quality, professional features and functionality to your app.

Below is a selection of Articles, Guides, Samples and Quick Start References to help you get started quickly and make the most of our developer tools.

Action Controls

Quick Start Guides
  • Action Alert
  • Action Table
  • Action Collection
  • Action Stacks
  • Action Card View
  • Action Toast
  • Action Forms
  • Action Nav Bar

Action Charts

Quick Start Guides
  • Lines and Areas
  • Bars and Columns
  • Pie and Donut
  • Annotations
  • Animations
  • Legends