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A growing suite of customizable UI controls to enhance your mobile apps and excite your end users
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About ActionPack.iOS


The ActionPack.iOS Component suite for Xamarin Studio contains a growing number of customizable UI controls and helper utilities for iOS and Android developement to enhance your mobile apps and excite your end users.

Customizable UI Components for Your Mobile Solutions

Energize your mobile applications with our high quality, easy to use add-in components for Xamarin Studio. Each component adds powerful new features to your project quickly, allowing you to focus on the important details and deliver the highest quality product to your end users every time.

Fine Tuned Cross-Platform Support

Each Action Component is fine tuned with cross-platfom support for Apple's iOS and Google's Android mobile operating systems, so they not only look great but work great on each OS they support. Port your UI quickly between OSes. Each Action Component features near identical calling structures across platform to allow for maximum code reuse, all while rendering a UI designed to fit in with the native look and feel of their host OS.

Every Action Component Element's Appearance is Customizable

Since every part of an Action Component's UI is rendered with vectors, it's not only resolution independent which ensures that your mobile app will look great on every device, but it also gives you full control over the component's appearance.

Thrill Your Users with Powerful New User Experiences

Every Action Component is not only designed to look amazing, but act amazing. Engage your users with smooth animations and transitions between states, all with minimal coding on your part. We did the heavy lifting for you, so you can focus on making your mobile app great!

Work with Your Existing Toolchain

Whether you build your user interface in Xcode or go completely .xib-less and code your UIs directly in C#, Action Components have you covered. Build your app, your way. Our components were designed to work the way you do and never limit the way you develop. The same with the Android OS, you can either build your Action Components via the Android Interface Designer built into Xamarin Studio or add them to your UI totally in C# code.

Fully Documented API

Hate having to guess what a function does or how to use it so do we! That's why each Action Component has a fully documented API with comments for every element included.

We're Developers Too

Created by developers, for developers. Our components were designed to be quickly added to your mobile project with a minimum of code, making it easy to add high-quality, profesional features and functionality to your mobile applications.

Available Exclusively at the Xamarin Component Store

Action Components are available exclusively at the Xamarin Component Store and can be purchased either directly from Xamarin Studio or by visiting on the web. Trial versions of all components are also available from the Xamarin Component store so you can try before you buy.

Included Components

The ActionPack suite is composed of the following high-quailty Action Components:

ActionAlert (iOS/Android)

ActionAlert a customizable, cross-platform, alert and notification system for iOS and Android

Present both modal and non-modal alerts, dialog boxes and notifications with a minimal of code to quickly inform the user of the state of a process or alert them of a situation that needs their attention in your mobile app.

ActionTray (iOS/Android)

ActionTray is a dockable, customizable, slide-out, tray view controller for iOS and Android

Our ActionTray component provides multiple types of slide-out trays that can be attached to the edge of any screen in your mobile application and contain things like: menus, color palettes, tool palettes, properties or any other information that your app requires.

ActionTray features:

  • Multiple tray types from dragable to popup
  • Group trays for easy management
  • Multiple dragTab types and placement
  • Fully customizable UI
  • Works on phones and tablets

ActionTable (iOS/Android)

ActionTables are customized UITableViewControllers that makes working with iOS tables and Android ListViews a joy by reducing the amount of code required to build a table and adding methods to support complex UI and table designs quickly. ActionTables do all the heavy lifting so that you don't have to.

Because of the way ActionTables support data via their RequestData event, you almost never have to create a custom TableDataSource or TableViewDelegate and their UIActionTableSection and UIActionTableItem classes support a rich set of methods and events that make building the table content and responding to user interaction a simple task.

ActionView (iOS/Android)

ActionViews are customized versions of existing iOS and Android UI elements and supporting helper tools that make working with common UI tasks easier, quicker and with less code. Our built in helper functions and properties allow you to spend more time focused on providing powerful, professional user experiences and less time writing repetitive code to acomplish common UI tasks.

ActionViews unique set of tools make them an excellent basis for your own custom UI components by automatically supporting features such and touching and dragging.

ActionViews contain the following:

UIActionView (iOS/Android)

ActionViews contain a wealth of powerful, time saving features that can quickly add unique abilities to your user interface with a limited amount of code. They have built-in support for dragging with optional constraints applied to their X and/or Y axis and respond to events such as: Touched, Moved or Released. Useful shortcuts allow you to move, rotate and resize ActionViews with ease.

ActionViews contain a Purge function to quickly releases any subview attached. This can be especially useful when dealing with tight memory situations or views that contain several large graphics.

UIActionImage (iOS/Android)

Provides shortcuts to common UIImage task such as rotating images, and loading images from files with automatic support for iPhone 5 by naming image files in the form _name.nosp@m.-568.nosp@m.h@2x..nosp@m.ext_.

UIActionImageView (iOS/Android)

ActionImageViews have all of the features of normal ActionViews plus many shortcuts that reduce the amount of code needed when working with UIImages. They contain utilities that ensure that the memory used by the UIImages they control gets released when they do, again decreasing the amount of code written by hand.

UIActionWebView (iOS/Android)

ActionWebViews have all of the features of normal ActionViews plus many shortcuts that reduce the amount of code needed when working with files and URLs.

UIActionLabel (iOS/Android)

ActionLabels have many of the features of ActionViews such as shortcuts for move and rotate but provide useful Touched and Released events making them interactive UI controls.

iOSDevice (iOS)

iOSDevice provides useful shortcuts to standard tasks such as discovering if your app is running on an iPad, iPhone or iPhone 5 and if the device has a Retina display.

ActionViewSplitter (iOS)

ActionViewSplitter is a draggable, customizable, divider between two views that can automatically handle resizing or moving the views attached to it.

Our ActionViewSplitter component can be used to divide the screen into two resizable segments. The component handles resizing and moving the views you've attached to it, all with a minimal of coding on your part.

ActionViewSplitter features:

  • Both Horizontal and Vertical splitters
  • Multiple dragThumb locations
  • Minimal before and after regions
  • Definable double tap action
  • Smooth animations and transitions
  • Fully customizable

DownloadManager (iOS/Android/Windows Mobile)

DownloadManager handles the downloading of one or more files from the internet using either HTTP or FTP protocols

More than ever, today's mobile applications are connected to the cloud. Our DownloadManager component makes it easy to bring down any type of file that you can think of, all in abackground thread to keep your mobile app responsive.

DownloadManager features:

  • Download one or more files
  • Pause and resume downloads
  • provides multiple status events
  • Threaded and load balanced
  • Fully cross-platform

NavBar (iOS/Android)

NavBar is a left-side, icon based, customizable, navigation strip and view controller

Our NavBar component provides a powerful side-based navigation feature for your mobile application including automatic subview handling, touchable buttons, notification icons and more. Add professional navigation to your mobile app with a minimal of code.

NavBar features:

  • Multiple button types
  • Three regions to add buttons
  • Automatic subview handling
  • Hide/show NavBar
  • Smooth animations and transitions
  • Fully customizable UI



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