Powerful, professional, high-quality components for Xamarin Studio

In today's world of ever expanding mobile devices, developers face a challenge when creating high quality, engaging and unique user experiences that not only look great but also work great across the multitude of phones, tablets, and even different operating systems.

That's where Appracatappra comes in. With our ever expanding suite of high quality, cross platform ActionComponents for Xamarin Studio we do all the heavy lifting for you and allow you to focus on making you mobile app great. Our components are designed to allow for the maximum of code sharing between Android and iOS mobile apps, all while rendering in the native theme of the OS they are hosted in.

ActionComponents not work great but they look great too! Each component is rendered in vectors so they have the highest resolution on every device they run on and they are highly customizable, ActionComponents provide a wealth of properties and settings to control their look and feel. Make it your mobile app... done your way.

iOS 7 Ready

iOS 7 represents the single largest change to the overall look and feel of the iPhone OS since it's initial release by Apple, and our  components are ready. Simply issue the Flatten method on the components appearance property for quick and easy iOS 7 support.

Future proof your mobile app with ActionComponents, yet continue to support iOS 6 at the same time.

Why Choose ActionComponents?

Fully Documented API

Hate having to guess what a function does or how to use it? So do we!

That's why each ActionComponent has a fully documented API, with comments for every element included.

Built with Vectors

Mobile is changing every day with new features, hardware and screen sizes.

That's why each ActionComponent's UI is drawn entirely in vectors, to be totally resolution independent and ensuring your mobile application looks the best on every platform.

We're Developers Too

Created by developers, for developers.

Our components were designed to be quickly added to your mobile project with a minimum of code, making it easy to add high-quality, professional features and functionality to your mobile applications.

Discover ActionComponents

ActionPack Business

Our best offering, ActionPack Business includes all of our existing components plus several exclusives!

  • Includes: ActionTray, DownloadManager, NavBar & ActionViewSplitter
  • ActionViews - Low level component set
  • ActionTable - Cross platform table/list manager
  • ActionToast - Toast for iOS
  • And many more functions and features

As more components are added to the ActionPack, it's price will increase, so buy now and save!